Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sisters Protect Your Body With Hijab

Dear Muslim Sisters Do you think that you own your body ? do you think that you have all rights to do whatever you like with it ? 

If you say « yes », then you are mistaken! In fact, the body in which your soul lives, is not yours.
Because if your body was one of your possessions, you would have all rights to do whatever you want with it!

If it was really yours, you would have the freedom to harm or even kill yourself; to drink alcohol or take drugs, to make tattoo or have plastic surgery to change your face, You would have been free to cover it or to uncover it, to go out with Hijab or without it!

In another word, you would have been free to rule your body in any way you want without being judged by Allah for it! but the truth is, your body it is not yours sister; this is a fact!

You are like someone who is renting a house by a contract and according to some conditions : you can use that house but you can’t own it! you can’t demolish it or destroy its walls, etc… 

because the house you're using belongs to its owner! And the owner of your body is Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala)… It’s HIM who put some conditions for you to use your body. HE ordered you to cover it and to never harm it in any way! 

HE orders you to never go out from your house without wearing your Hijab or putting make up or perfumed. HE created it for you to use it as the way HE wants not the way you want!

You’re here in this temporary Dunya to use your body according to the conditions Allah has put for you.
So HIJAB is not a matter of choice as some people think, Hijab is a must, it is one of your priority in your life! 

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