Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hijab Day Observed in World on 4 September 2010

On Saturday 4th September 2010 Muslims specially Muslim Women all around the world from Pakistan to United States Observed the Hijab Day.  This Day is Observed To Tell the World About Rights of Women In Islam and Clearing the Misconceptions of the World about Women's Hijab.  This Day was First of all Observed few years ago when a Muslim Women Marwa Al-Sherbini was Martyred by a German Racist For Wearing the Hijab. 

Rallies in Different Countries Big Cities taken place on 4 September in which most of the women took part.  The Women in Rallies said that we wear Hijab by our choice and we have the right to wear it. They Condemned the French Government Step of Banning the Hijab. They also demanded for the Protection of Muslim Women in West That Wears Hijab so that No Incidents like Marwa Al-Sherbini happen again.

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