Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hijab is sign of Respect Female Students of Cairo university

After the Ban in Schools and Universities on wearing Hijab in Egypt by Government Female Students of Cairo university has called it a wrong step. They said that Wearing Hijab is  Islamic responsibility and sign of Respect.

They also said that by wearing Hijab they remain save sexually and they also feel sense of Purity and respect. 19 years old Female student Marvi Mohammad said that i wear Hijab to protect myself from wrong eyes. Hijab gives me respect and it is due to Hijab that people see me with respect.

18 years old student of Arabic Aya said that Hijab is a Islamic responsibility specially when there is Co-education it is very important to wear Hijab to save yourself from bad eyes. now the case is in Court of Egypt and Court  has issued a stay order on Ban on Hijab. Soon the Court will listen the Case.

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